Sunday, March 11, 2012

DIY Denim Painting

Denim Painting

Hi...Today i would like to show you the pair of jeans that i painted for my niece.....
My cute little niece is a tomboy who loves flowers, so while thinking of a gift for her, i narrowed down to painting flowers on her jeans!! :)

I grabbed my bottles of fabric colors, armed myself with brushes and got down to work......I started working freehand directly on the jeans.....The flowers bloomed first followed by the branches and then those teensy- weeny leaves........Then came out my 3d outliners......I am so in love with 3d outliners that they feature in most of my works!! The tiny blue flowers and the floral definitions were done last with the outliners....
The whole piece turned out cuter than i expected.....and the best part of niece totally adored it!!
Hope you like it too :)

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