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Sunday, February 1, 2015

DIY Animal Magnets

Hi, welcome back.
I have been busy with some personal work that left me very little time for myself.
However, I had some free time on hand today with a snow day and all, and I decided to make something quick and easy. And thus, were born my little animal magnets.

Animal Magnets

They were so easy to make yet so much fun. You can let go anyway you want and every result is better than before.
Let me show you what you'll need.


  • Transparent Glass nuggets (flat on one side)
  • Nail Polish (black, transparent)
  • Acrylic color (yellow, white)- You can use yellow/ white nail polish if you have one ;)
  • Paintbrush
  • Magnets
  • Glue- of good strength.


First and foremost, clean up the glass nuggets with paper towel to remove any residue.
Draw stripes and spots on different nuggets. I made one with spots and two with stripes.
Let them dry for an hour.

First Coat

When its completely dry, paint one striped nugget and the spotted nugget yellow. Paint the other striped nugget with white acrylic color. Again, if you have a nail polish in white or yellow, use it. Now, let it dry for another hour. When its nice and dry, give it a coat of transparent nail polish. This will really seal in the colors. Let these nuggets dry for two- three hours. You don't want any smudges.

Second coat

 When its dry and hard glue on the magnets with a strong glue and let them dry overnight.


Glue Magnets

 And finally, the final product on its destination- the refrigerator :)

Animal Magnets

Hope you have fun making these and don't forget to Share your pictures in the comment box below.
Thanks for visiting and come back for more.
Till then, happy crafting.