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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

DIY Hand Painted Diyas

Hi...Today's post is about the most fun I had doing something special for this Diwali....I painted so many diyas this year that I am going to share with you today.
You must have seen some of them in my previous blogpost Diwali 2014 
I have used the following materials:
  •  Terracotta Diyas- varied sizes.
  •  Acrylic colors- Regular and Pearl finish.
  • Rhinestones- Different colors, shapes and sizes.
  • 3D Outliners/ Puffy paints.
  • Glue- Any strong glue will do.
  •  Paintbrushes.
  • Water- for cleaning the brushes.
  • Rag cloth.
I soaked the diyas in water for 15-20 mins, then rinsed them and let them dry completely....
When they were dry, I used acrylic colors in different combinations to paint them....
When the paints were completely dry, I further decorated them with 3D Outliners....
After it dried, I glued the rhinestones to the diyas...It was a backbreaking project, but the final output washed away the pain....I was very happy with the way they turned out...

Let me show you some pictures now....Here, I have used big Diyas, approximately 6 inches in diameter.....I have tried to give them an Antique look....

Antique look diya

Hand painted diya


Terracotta diya
Antique look diya

This is the diya that I am really proud of.....This is a big diya too....I spent nearly 6 hours for making a pair of these.....

Peacock diya

These are the regular sized diyas that have been painted in different combinations....

Krishna diya

Flower diya

Flower diya

Flower diya

Flower diya

Flower diya

Flower diya

Flower diya

Hand Painted Diya

Terracotta diya

Hope you liked these hand painted diyas.....If you paint some, feel free to share their pictures in the comment box....Thanks for visiting....See you soon again...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

DIY Mirror Candle Holder

Hello my friend, welcome back!!
I have always been fascinated by mirrors, and candles and the 
combination of the two just takes my breath away.....
Today I'll show you how I made this Mirror Candle Holder....

Mirror Candle Holder

I used the following material:
  1.  5" round mirror
  2. Turquoise teardrop rhinestones
  3. Yellow flower-shaped rhinestones
  4. Pearls- small and big
  5. Glass votive holder
  6. Glue (forgot to keep it in the picture)


The process was not as complex as it looks.....
I decided on the layout and then glued the rhinestones, pearls and 
the votive holder on the mirror base......
And this is the result.....

Candle Holder- Centerpiece

And this is how it looks serving its purpose....

Home Decor
I am really happy the way it turned out....
This pretty little thing is available for sale....Contact me if you need one :)
This is my own design, and I prefer you do not copy it, but you 
can use the process to make your own variations....
Do not forget to link back to me and you can link your pictures too if you like....
Let me know through your invaluable comments if you liked it.....
Thanks for visiting....See you soon!!!