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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

DIY Foil Mirror

Hello my dear reader,
Welcome to my post on DIY foil mirror.
This was an experiment that succeeded!!
You must have seen my previous foil work post Faux metal wall art
This one is on similar lines....Lets have a look at our center of attention here.....

DIY Foil Mirror

Let me show you the materials used:
  • Heavy duty metal(aluminum) foil.
  • Small round mirror.
  • Round wooden/ MDF base.
  • Wooden tool...I used scratch art tool.
  • Acrylic color-black.
  • Paintbrush.
  • Heavy duty glue... I used Fevibond.
  • Glue gun.
  • Hook/frame hanger.
  • Kitchen tissue (Bounty).
  • Clear Varnish spray. 
  • Lots of enthusiasm :)


Take the foil in an inch bigger in diameter than your base circle.
Keep it on the wooden base and mark the outlines.
Now place the mirror in the center and mark its outlines.
You get two circles, one inside the other.

Preparing the foil base

Now, make your design between these two circles by gently pressing with wooden tool.
Make sure your tool is really blunt, and keep a foam sheet under your work or it will not create the embossed effect.
I chose the simplest design as it was my first try.
Slowly and steadily I finished the embossing.
It looked like this...

Embossing method-Part 1

Embossing Method- Part 2

This is the embossed side with design completed...convex...

Completed design

This is the side with the work surface...concave...

Completed design

To maintain the shape of the embossed design, fill the concave/ scooped part with hot glue using a glue gun...

Hot glue

Hot glue

After the glue is dry, apply adhesive to the base and the foil...Then glue the foil with embossed side up...

Gluing to the wooden base

Smoothen out the sides of the embossing with a Q-tip/earbud to make the design pop out.


Then, press and glue the foil on the wood firmly.
When it is dry, turn it over and cover the embossing with black acrylic color..

Black acrylic color

When its dry, rub it gently with bounty or thin cotton cloth..
The black color comes off the embossing but stays in the grooves, giving the design a tarnished silver/ antique effect....

Antique effect

Now, spray it with 2 coats of clear varnish and let it dry for a few hours...
When its completely dry, glue the mirror on the base and the hook for hanging...

Glue mirror on base

Finished Foil Mirror

Hope you like this artwork...

This is copyrighted work, kindly give due credit if replicated...

Comment below to let me know you were here and thanks for visiting...
See you soon!!
Till then, happy crafting :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

DIY Hand Painted Diyas

Hi...Today's post is about the most fun I had doing something special for this Diwali....I painted so many diyas this year that I am going to share with you today.
You must have seen some of them in my previous blogpost Diwali 2014 
I have used the following materials:
  •  Terracotta Diyas- varied sizes.
  •  Acrylic colors- Regular and Pearl finish.
  • Rhinestones- Different colors, shapes and sizes.
  • 3D Outliners/ Puffy paints.
  • Glue- Any strong glue will do.
  •  Paintbrushes.
  • Water- for cleaning the brushes.
  • Rag cloth.
I soaked the diyas in water for 15-20 mins, then rinsed them and let them dry completely....
When they were dry, I used acrylic colors in different combinations to paint them....
When the paints were completely dry, I further decorated them with 3D Outliners....
After it dried, I glued the rhinestones to the diyas...It was a backbreaking project, but the final output washed away the pain....I was very happy with the way they turned out...

Let me show you some pictures now....Here, I have used big Diyas, approximately 6 inches in diameter.....I have tried to give them an Antique look....

Antique look diya

Hand painted diya


Terracotta diya
Antique look diya

This is the diya that I am really proud of.....This is a big diya too....I spent nearly 6 hours for making a pair of these.....

Peacock diya

These are the regular sized diyas that have been painted in different combinations....

Krishna diya

Flower diya

Flower diya

Flower diya

Flower diya

Flower diya

Flower diya

Flower diya

Hand Painted Diya

Terracotta diya

Hope you liked these hand painted diyas.....If you paint some, feel free to share their pictures in the comment box....Thanks for visiting....See you soon again...

Monday, October 6, 2014

Canvas Painting - 'Maitri'

Hello there !!!
Welcome to my post about my latest canvas painting.
I have named it ‘Maitri’ which means ‘Friendship’ in Marathi ( Indian language).
You’ll see why I named it so….
Why don’t you have a look at the painting first….

Canvas Painting - 'Maitri'

I hope you see the unspoken words and the emotional bond between the girl and the peacock.... There seems to be a heart to heart conversation going on between these two friends.....
I love peacocks very dearly, and maybe its my unconscious mind, but I feel a deep sense of inner peace and happiness when I look at the painting.

This is an Acrylic on canvas 16 X 20.
The sides are painted and it’s ready to hang.
This  pretty painting is up for sale…so feel free to contact me :)

Let me show you some close-ups….

Canvas Painting

Acrylic on Canvas
Drop me a comment to let me know you were here and thanks for visiting….

See you again soon.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

DIY Paisley Key holder

Hello my dear reader....welcome back!!
Today I am about to tell you about a craft that happened by chance....
I was seeing paisley prints and designs all around me this summer, and I wanted to do something with this beautiful shape.....
I've grown up wearing paisley printed clothes, making paisley rangolis and henna mehendi's and much more....but I had a block while thinking about a paisley craft....
I was going through my craft supplies, when my sons broken taekwondo board fell down...It was a square soft wood board....and then the idea struck....a key holder!!!

See what came out of my idea into reality....

Paisley Key holder
I was so excited, I forgot to take step by step photos, but I'll walk you through the process...

Materials used:

  • Soft wood board
  • Green handmade paper
  • J- hooks
  • Rhinestones
  • Golden bead string
  • 3d glitter- gold, green
  • Frame hanger hook
I covered the wooden base with green handmade paper (I love the thickness and textures of handmade papers). Then I attached the frame hanger hook behind it with a small screw.
Next, I drew a paisley on the desired place and filled it up by gluing rhinestones,  golden bead string and 3D glitter. 

When I was satisfied with the design, I let it dry completely for a few hours and the screwed in the J-hooks to hang the keys.

I found out one more use for it...a necklace holder...

Now, why don't you start making your own key holder/ necklace holder...Link back to my blog (and credit me) when you make one....and you can also post pictures of what you made, in my comment box to help me see your creations.....

Thanks for visiting and see you soon.....

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Baby Footprint Plaque

Hello my dear, so nice to meet you again!!
I'm really sorry I was away from the blogworld for some time....
Family kept me busy :) and I ain't complaining!!
Today while browsing through some of my archived photos, I came across a craft I had done for a very special person in my little niece..She is such a cutie patootie.....
Well, I was not so craft savvy when my son was born, and I still regret not making a footprint memento of him....So, I guess to compensate, I took to this mission with full vigor :)
Let me first show you the footprint plaque I made, and then let me walk you through the process...

Footprint plaque

I took a circular cardboard of six inch diameter, made holes on top to hang, and covered it with a layer of epoxy clay....You can use salt dough, bread dough or any air dry clay too if you like....

Then I stuck a quarter inch thick circular layer of the same clay on top.....
When it was semi dry, I took my niece's footprint imprints on it....we used tons on baby talcum powder on her feet for protection, and immediately cleaned them up after we were done.... I didn't wanna hurt the precious little one !!

I repaired the minor kinks with my fingers, and then left the plaque to dry.....

When completely dry, I painted it with pearl silver color....
Then I made a decorative twine and some flowers around the footprints to pretty them up a little....
When they were dry, I painted them with pearl metallic green and pink....

Finally when everything was nice and dry, I looped a pink ribbon through the holes on top, to hang up this cute memory....I forgot to take a picture with the ribbon, but I hope this post gives you a fair idea of how to proceed.....So now, try to make something for your own.....and link back your pictures in the comment box for me to savor...Till then, happy crafting.....

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Madhubani Peacock r u today?
I know, its been a long time since I posted, but better late than never, right?
Today, I want to tell you a little about this Madhubani painting of mine...
You may have read about my earlier Madhubani Painting " Birds in Love"....
If you haven't, click here to view's one of my most viewed post!!
This is also a tribal folk art painting of India..
Peacocks are very majestic birds, and I have always been enamored by their beauty.....
My love for peacocks reflects in many of my works, and this is no exception!!
Without further ado, let me present to you my newest Acrylic on Canvas, 16 X 20 -
Madhubani Peacock.....

Madhubani Peacock

I have also added this close up for you to see the fine and detailed brushwork with acrylics...All the fine black border lines have been drawn with a brush too...

Acrylic on Canvas 16 X 20

This artwork , though vibrant, is very soothing and calming to look at....
This Madhubani painting has been gifted to my very dear friends on their housewarming...
They absolutely loved it!!!
If you liked it too, don't forget to leave a comment below....
A commission order for this painting is also undertaken.....
This painting will serve as an excellent conversation piece in your living room....
If you need one, leave me a comment below or email me at
Copyrighted work, Please do not copy....
Thanks for visiting and come back soon for more....

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Craft Show Update

Here are the much awaited pictures from my winter Craft show, about which I had put up on the blog earlier....The show was a success and people really appreciated my art and crafts.....I hope all of you keep supporting me as always.....Your support and kind compliments always motivate me to push myself even further...Thanks again!!!
There you go...

Craft show table

One stroke painting bags

Handwoven scarfs


craft wares
Hope you liked them!!!