Tuesday, February 17, 2015

DIY Foil Mirror

Hello my dear reader,
Welcome to my post on DIY foil mirror.
This was an experiment that succeeded!!
You must have seen my previous foil work post Faux metal wall art
This one is on similar lines....Lets have a look at our center of attention here.....

DIY Foil Mirror

Let me show you the materials used:
  • Heavy duty metal(aluminum) foil.
  • Small round mirror.
  • Round wooden/ MDF base.
  • Wooden tool...I used scratch art tool.
  • Acrylic color-black.
  • Paintbrush.
  • Heavy duty glue... I used Fevibond.
  • Glue gun.
  • Hook/frame hanger.
  • Kitchen tissue (Bounty).
  • Clear Varnish spray. 
  • Lots of enthusiasm :)


Take the foil in an inch bigger in diameter than your base circle.
Keep it on the wooden base and mark the outlines.
Now place the mirror in the center and mark its outlines.
You get two circles, one inside the other.

Preparing the foil base

Now, make your design between these two circles by gently pressing with wooden tool.
Make sure your tool is really blunt, and keep a foam sheet under your work or it will not create the embossed effect.
I chose the simplest design as it was my first try.
Slowly and steadily I finished the embossing.
It looked like this...

Embossing method-Part 1

Embossing Method- Part 2

This is the embossed side with design completed...convex...

Completed design

This is the side with the work surface...concave...

Completed design

To maintain the shape of the embossed design, fill the concave/ scooped part with hot glue using a glue gun...

Hot glue

Hot glue

After the glue is dry, apply adhesive to the base and the foil...Then glue the foil with embossed side up...

Gluing to the wooden base

Smoothen out the sides of the embossing with a Q-tip/earbud to make the design pop out.


Then, press and glue the foil on the wood firmly.
When it is dry, turn it over and cover the embossing with black acrylic color..

Black acrylic color

When its dry, rub it gently with bounty or thin cotton cloth..
The black color comes off the embossing but stays in the grooves, giving the design a tarnished silver/ antique effect....

Antique effect

Now, spray it with 2 coats of clear varnish and let it dry for a few hours...
When its completely dry, glue the mirror on the base and the hook for hanging...

Glue mirror on base

Finished Foil Mirror

Hope you like this artwork...

This is copyrighted work, kindly give due credit if replicated...

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Till then, happy crafting :)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

DIY Animal Magnets

Hi, welcome back.
I have been busy with some personal work that left me very little time for myself.
However, I had some free time on hand today with a snow day and all, and I decided to make something quick and easy. And thus, were born my little animal magnets.

Animal Magnets

They were so easy to make yet so much fun. You can let go anyway you want and every result is better than before.
Let me show you what you'll need.


  • Transparent Glass nuggets (flat on one side)
  • Nail Polish (black, transparent)
  • Acrylic color (yellow, white)- You can use yellow/ white nail polish if you have one ;)
  • Paintbrush
  • Magnets
  • Glue- of good strength.


First and foremost, clean up the glass nuggets with paper towel to remove any residue.
Draw stripes and spots on different nuggets. I made one with spots and two with stripes.
Let them dry for an hour.

First Coat

When its completely dry, paint one striped nugget and the spotted nugget yellow. Paint the other striped nugget with white acrylic color. Again, if you have a nail polish in white or yellow, use it. Now, let it dry for another hour. When its nice and dry, give it a coat of transparent nail polish. This will really seal in the colors. Let these nuggets dry for two- three hours. You don't want any smudges.

Second coat

 When its dry and hard glue on the magnets with a strong glue and let them dry overnight.


Glue Magnets

 And finally, the final product on its destination- the refrigerator :)

Animal Magnets

Hope you have fun making these and don't forget to Share your pictures in the comment box below.
Thanks for visiting and come back for more.
Till then, happy crafting.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

DIY Yarn Lantern and Votive Holders

Hi there....Today's post is about yarn lanterns which is a rage right now....
As promised in my earlier post Diwali 2014 , I am now explaining you the procedure of how to make a round yarn lantern....Plus, there is a bonus ahead...so, continue reading....
Let me first show you a picture of the yarn lantern I made....

Yarn Lantern

The materials used were:

  • Yarn- I used wool, but cotton works best
  • White PVA glue- Fevicol/ Elmers
  • Cornstarch
  • Water
  • Plastic cup/ bowl (preferably disposable)- to make the mixture
  • Candy stick/ skewer- to stir the mixture
  • Inflatable ball/ balloon
  • Oil - any cooking oil

Let me walk you through the process.... The quantity of the mixture required depends on the size of the ball/ balloon you are using..... I used a small ball for which I'll tell you the quantity..... You can increase the quantity as per your requirement....

You can use a balloon if you don't have a ball...However, use a good quality thick balloon, as it holds shape better, and so will your lantern.....

First of all prep your surface by laying a lot of newspapers, as this project can get messy...
Also, wear an apron or garbage bag to cover yourself....I learnt it the hard way....

Now, for making the mixture, I used five teaspoons of glue, five teaspoons of water and five heaped teaspoons of cornstarch. I poured each of these ingredients in a disposable glass....Then, I took the help of a skewer stick to stir the mixture well.....The mixture should have the consistency of pancake batter, not too thick and not too runny.....Then I soaked my yarn ball in the glass for 20 mins.......Before soaking, I rolled the yarn in a loose ball, so as to allow the mixture to reach to its center....That way, I made sure that every inch was soaked in the mixture......Meanwhile, I inflated my sons plastic ball and lubricated it by rubbing a few drops of oil on it with my fingers....This was to ensure easy removal of the ball after the lantern dried.

Now, comes the fun part....I used a disposable salad container for the base...you can use any bowl or cup you have on hand.....This is just to rest the ball for drying.....I slowly unravelled the yarn and removing the excess mixture, I started rolling the yarn around the ball.... I am sorry I don't have the pictures while doing the process as my hands were too messy to take any pictures.....I rolled the yarn all over the ball in a criss cross pattern till most of the ball was covered....I rolled the yarn in such a way that the top white circle of the ball was not covered....I needed that space to put the light in....I left the ball on the tray to dry for 24 hours....When it was completely dry, I opened the ball's air lock and deflated it....The ball left the sides easily due to the oil coat I applied to it in the beginning.....I slowly pulled out the ball from the top.....It looked like this....

Ball Lantern

Since I used a small ball I could not fit in a bulb, so I put battery operated string lights instead....
It looked like this when lit.....

Yarn Lantern

Inspired by my success, my little sis also tried it out...She used a bigger size ball...This is how her yarn lantern turned out......

Fancy Yarn Lantern

She pepped it up by using contrast color wool to glue some flowers.... I justloved it....
It looks better than mine!!!!
Since it was of bigger size, she ued a low watt bulb and put it up as a lantern for Diwali.....
This is how it looks lit up......

Ball Lantern

Hope I succeeded in explaining the procedure....Do try it out....its pretty easy....

Now, let me show you the bonus I talked about earlier....Yarn Votive Holders!!!!

I told you about them too in my post Diwali 2014
When I made my lantern, I had some leftover mixture....Instead of throwing it away I decided to do something different....I took a square shaped glass bottle and the water bottle shown in the pic above, and used them to make my votive holders.....

Just like I did for the ball, I oiled the bottle to make the votive holder easier to remove.....
I soaked orange yarn (wool) in the mixture and rolled it in a criss cross pattern on the bottle just like I did for the balloon and left it to dry for 24 hours....For the plastic bottle too, I did the same.....After it dried completely, I slid the square votive holder off the bottle.....But for the plastic bottle, I used a slightly different approach....I cut the plastic bottle with the yarn at the top level of the yarn and left the bottle inside the yarn as it is....Its a good way to upcycle used water bottles.....
This is how they looked.....

Yarn Votive Holders

I used LED votives inside them to avoid the risk of fire...This is how they look when lit....

Yarn Votive Holders

I hope you enjoyed the post...I loved to share the process with you as I had a lot of fun making them....Go ahead and make some, and share the pics with me in the comment box too.....
Thanks for visiting and comment below to let me know you were here...See you soon with more!!!