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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DIY Gond painting on a T-shirt

T-Shirt painting
Gond Painting
Welcome to my latest work.
Recently i bought this gorgeous denim-blue colored t-shirt which was plain on the front.

I didn't want to wear it plain, so i decided to spruce it up with some artwork...
I had come across this beautiful gond painting design on the net sometime back and was itching to use it somewhere, so i decided to put this Indian folk art on my tee for everyone to see....hey that rhymed ;)
Anyways, i pulled out my fabric paints and fine brushes and got down to it.
Made a few tweaks to the original intricate pattern....and used a little 3d outliner (puffy paints) for the finishing touches.....
I love to add something of my own to anything that i make....and there it was!!
 My cute little peacock pair on my favorite tee!!!
Hope you like it as much as i do :)
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