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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

DIY Foil Mirror

Hello my dear reader,
Welcome to my post on DIY foil mirror.
This was an experiment that succeeded!!
You must have seen my previous foil work post Faux metal wall art
This one is on similar lines....Lets have a look at our center of attention here.....

DIY Foil Mirror

Let me show you the materials used:
  • Heavy duty metal(aluminum) foil.
  • Small round mirror.
  • Round wooden/ MDF base.
  • Wooden tool...I used scratch art tool.
  • Acrylic color-black.
  • Paintbrush.
  • Heavy duty glue... I used Fevibond.
  • Glue gun.
  • Hook/frame hanger.
  • Kitchen tissue (Bounty).
  • Clear Varnish spray. 
  • Lots of enthusiasm :)


Take the foil in an inch bigger in diameter than your base circle.
Keep it on the wooden base and mark the outlines.
Now place the mirror in the center and mark its outlines.
You get two circles, one inside the other.

Preparing the foil base

Now, make your design between these two circles by gently pressing with wooden tool.
Make sure your tool is really blunt, and keep a foam sheet under your work or it will not create the embossed effect.
I chose the simplest design as it was my first try.
Slowly and steadily I finished the embossing.
It looked like this...

Embossing method-Part 1

Embossing Method- Part 2

This is the embossed side with design completed...convex...

Completed design

This is the side with the work surface...concave...

Completed design

To maintain the shape of the embossed design, fill the concave/ scooped part with hot glue using a glue gun...

Hot glue

Hot glue

After the glue is dry, apply adhesive to the base and the foil...Then glue the foil with embossed side up...

Gluing to the wooden base

Smoothen out the sides of the embossing with a Q-tip/earbud to make the design pop out.


Then, press and glue the foil on the wood firmly.
When it is dry, turn it over and cover the embossing with black acrylic color..

Black acrylic color

When its dry, rub it gently with bounty or thin cotton cloth..
The black color comes off the embossing but stays in the grooves, giving the design a tarnished silver/ antique effect....

Antique effect

Now, spray it with 2 coats of clear varnish and let it dry for a few hours...
When its completely dry, glue the mirror on the base and the hook for hanging...

Glue mirror on base

Finished Foil Mirror

Hope you like this artwork...

This is copyrighted work, kindly give due credit if replicated...

Comment below to let me know you were here and thanks for visiting...
See you soon!!
Till then, happy crafting :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

DIY Mirror Candle Holder

Hello my friend, welcome back!!
I have always been fascinated by mirrors, and candles and the 
combination of the two just takes my breath away.....
Today I'll show you how I made this Mirror Candle Holder....

Mirror Candle Holder

I used the following material:
  1.  5" round mirror
  2. Turquoise teardrop rhinestones
  3. Yellow flower-shaped rhinestones
  4. Pearls- small and big
  5. Glass votive holder
  6. Glue (forgot to keep it in the picture)


The process was not as complex as it looks.....
I decided on the layout and then glued the rhinestones, pearls and 
the votive holder on the mirror base......
And this is the result.....

Candle Holder- Centerpiece

And this is how it looks serving its purpose....

Home Decor
I am really happy the way it turned out....
This pretty little thing is available for sale....Contact me if you need one :)
This is my own design, and I prefer you do not copy it, but you 
can use the process to make your own variations....
Do not forget to link back to me and you can link your pictures too if you like....
Let me know through your invaluable comments if you liked it.....
Thanks for visiting....See you soon!!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Craft Show Update

Here are the much awaited pictures from my winter Craft show, about which I had put up on the blog earlier....The show was a success and people really appreciated my art and crafts.....I hope all of you keep supporting me as always.....Your support and kind compliments always motivate me to push myself even further...Thanks again!!!
There you go...

Craft show table

One stroke painting bags

Handwoven scarfs


craft wares
Hope you liked them!!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Very First Show in the U.S.

I know my friends, this is a bit late, but as the saying goes," Better Late than Never!!"
I recently put up my creations at a local show (exhibition).....
It was my very first exhibition after moving here in the U.S.....
I was very excited and nervous to put up an Indo-western fare, but the response I got was beyond my expectations....
People loved the colors and the fine handwork too....
I even did a pretty good business :D
A big Thank You to my dear customers, and tons of  thanks to my dearest hubby and my friends who stood by me the whole day....Love you guys!!!!
Here are some pictures for you.....
Exhibition Table
 Here are some Magnets that I made......They were a big hit!!

Glass Magnets
These are some of the Thank you cards :)

Thank You Cards
Thank You Cards
These are some of my handmade earrings.....Thanks to my dear sis-in-law for the beads :)

Handmade earrings

This is one of the many hand painted totes (One-stroke Painting) on display.....

One stroke painting Tote
This is one of the Coaster sets I made.....Sold a few :)

Tile Coasters

I even made some handmade Floating Diyas (which people loved and bought), Wooden decoupage trays (my friend bought one and she is loving it!!) , Meenakari mirrors, Decoupaged mirrors, Acrylic on Canvas paintings, paintings on wood and handmade bookmarks too.
I will upload them in the upcoming posts...... 

And this is a sneak preview of my next post coming very soon!!......Keep watching the blog.....

Meenakari- Enamel Work 
If you wish to buy any of this gorgeous stuff, or even just wanna talk about it, leave me a comment below or email me at
I'll be glad to answer!!!
Thanks for visiting :) and come again for more.....