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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gingerbread House

Hope you had very happy holidays!!!
We had so much fun during the last two weeks!!!!
We (me and my sonny boy) made this gingerbread house together....
I got a DIY kit from Michaels and we got to it immediately...
Me and my li'll one had a blast making it!!
We made a house with two different roofs...We ran out of green fondant while doing one side ;)
Guess where it went.....
And we ate so much icing too while making
Here are the pictures for you to share our fun and joy.....

2 in 1 Gingerbread house

View of both sides of the roof

Christmas Tree at the door

One side of the roof

Other side of the roof
Hope you liked it....Feel free to share your pictures too in the comment box....
Thanks for visiting and see you next time with something new....

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Craft Show Update

Here are the much awaited pictures from my winter Craft show, about which I had put up on the blog earlier....The show was a success and people really appreciated my art and crafts.....I hope all of you keep supporting me as always.....Your support and kind compliments always motivate me to push myself even further...Thanks again!!!
There you go...

Craft show table

One stroke painting bags

Handwoven scarfs


craft wares
Hope you liked them!!!