Monday, October 6, 2014

Canvas Painting - 'Maitri'

Hello there !!!
Welcome to my post about my latest canvas painting.
I have named it ‘Maitri’ which means ‘Friendship’ in Marathi ( Indian language).
You’ll see why I named it so….
Why don’t you have a look at the painting first….

Canvas Painting - 'Maitri'

I hope you see the unspoken words and the emotional bond between the girl and the peacock.... There seems to be a heart to heart conversation going on between these two friends.....
I love peacocks very dearly, and maybe its my unconscious mind, but I feel a deep sense of inner peace and happiness when I look at the painting.

This is an Acrylic on canvas 16 X 20.
The sides are painted and it’s ready to hang.
This  pretty painting is up for sale…so feel free to contact me :)

Let me show you some close-ups….

Canvas Painting

Acrylic on Canvas
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See you again soon.

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